把 English 讀為「應給利息」的同學當了執行長;讀為「陰溝裡洗」的成了小菜販子;讀為「因果聯繫」的成了哲學家;讀為「硬改歷史」的成了政治家;讀為「英國裡去」的成了海外華僑;而我 不小心讀成了「應該累死」結果成了公司職員……
有天老師請小明用 Green, Pink, Yellow 三種顏色造句,小明想了老半天,終於開口說話了:"Green…Green…Green"…, I “pink" the phone and say “Yellow".
(正確應為 “Ring….Ring…Ring…, I pick the phone and say hello.")
有天老師請小明用英文描述車禍,小明想了又想,就說 “One car come, two cars bump, three cars O-E-O-E."
補充字彙:車禍 car accident 、救護車 ambulance

  1. You believe in Santa Claus.
  2. You don’t believe in Santa Claus.
  3. You are Santa Claus.
  4. You look like Santa Claus.


  • At age  4 success is … not peeing in your pants.
  • At age 12 success is … having friends.
  • At age 17 success is … having a drivers license.
  • At age 35 success is … having money.
  • At age 50 success is … having money.
  • At age 70 success is … having a drivers license.
  • At age 75 success is … having friends.
  • At age 80 success is … not peeing in your pants.

The Importance of the Second Language ~ 第二外語有多重要

A cat chased a mouse into a hole and sat outside meowing. After a while, the mouse heard a dog barking and thought “Great! Now the dog is here. The cat must be gone." So, the mouse came out checking the dog. As soon as he came out, he was caught by the cat again. He begged the cat “Before you eat me, would you tell me one thing? Where is the dog barking here just now?" The cat answered in laugh “Don’t you know nowadays it’s very important to learn a second language?"

有一隻貓追著一隻老鼠,老鼠躲到洞內,小貓只好坐在洞外喵喵叫,等待老鼠出來。過了一陣子,躲在洞內的老鼠聽到狗叫聲,心想狗來了,貓一定跑掉了,於是探出頭來看看,沒想到還是立刻被貓一把捉住。 老鼠向貓求情說:「在你吃掉我之前,我可以知道剛才那隻在叫的狗在哪?」 貓笑著說:「你難道不知道會說第二外語的重要嗎?」。


教授在教室黑板上寫著: 「I will meet the class at 5:00. 」(我會在五點來上課)
幾個剛到教室的學生看到留言,就開玩笑地把class的「c」擦掉,變成~ 「I will meet the lass at 5:00. 」(我會在五點會見情婦)
當教授回來看到黑板上的留言被修改後,他拿起板擦,又把lass的「l」擦掉,變成~「I will meet the ass at 5:00. (我會在五點會見驢子)

Interesting Comparisons 有趣的對比

Smart man Smart woman Romance
Smart man Dumb woman Pregnancy
Dumb man Smart woman Affair
Dumb man Dumb woman Marriage
Smart boss Smart employee Profit
Smart boss Dumb employee Production
Dumb boss Smart employee Promotion
Dumb boss Dumb employee Overtime

A man will pay $2 for a $1 item he needs.
A woman will pay $1 for a $2 item that she doesn’t need.
Kids in the back seat cause accidents.
Accidents in the back seat cause kids.
A successful man is one who makes more money … than his wife can spend.
A successful woman is one who can find such a man.
Kids in the back seat cause accidents.
Accidents in the back seat cause kids.
Q: What promises do a man and a woman make when … they get married?
A: A man and a woman promise to go through sickness, … illness and disease together.


※ 行動裝置不支援



自我介紹 Introduction

Hello, this is Jane with Time International Language Center.

Hi. This is Jane returning your call.

接聽電話 Answering calls

This is Time International Language Center. How may I help you?

詢問某人 Asking for someone

May I speak to … , please?
我想找 …

I’d like to talk to … / I am trying to reach …
我想找 …

Could you connect me to extension number 211?

Hi, Julie. Are you free to talk?

說明來電目的 Explain the purpose

I am calling to …

I would like to talk to you about …

The reason I am calling is that …

了解來電者 Asking for callers

May I ask who’s calling, please?

保留與轉接 old and transfer calls

Please hold on a second.

One moment, please. I will transfer your call to …

Jessica is on line one.
潔西卡在 1 線

無法接聽 Unable to answer the call

He is on another line right now.

She is not in. Could you call again in 30 minutes?

She is in a meeting. Would you like Jessica to return your call?

線上預約立即享 NT$2,000 元課程折價卷



  1. 請問火車站怎麼走?
    Could you tell me where the train station is?
  2. 不好意思,可以給我 …
    Excuse me. Could I have…
  3. 這個多少錢?
    How much is this?
  4. 我來這裡的目的是出差。
    I’m here on business.
  5. 不好意思,請問這附近有洗手間嗎?
    Excuse me. Is there a washroom nearby?
  1. 請問哪裡可兌換錢?
    Where can I get some money changed?
  2. 我有預約 …
    I have a reservation for …
  3. 你們接受信用卡付款嗎?
    Do you accept credit card?
  4. 我在找 …
    I am looking for …
  5. 你要喝什麼呢?
    What would you like to drink?


Name 英文名 Translation 翻譯 meaning 典故
Amy 艾咪 可愛的、心愛的人
Annie 安妮 仁慈的上帝
Catherine 凱薩琳 純潔的
Doris 桃樂絲 屬於大海的
Emily 艾蜜莉 和藹可親的
Eva 伊凡 生命、生氣蓬勃的
Helen 海倫 光彩照人的美女
Irene 艾琳 和平女神
Jennifer 珍妮弗 白色的波浪
Jessica 傑西卡 上帝的恩寵
Sharon 雪倫 很美的公主
Sophia 蘇菲雅 智慧
Teresa 泰瑞莎 收穫、收穫者
Tina 蒂娜 基督的追隨者
Vanessa 凡妮莎 蝴蝶、上帝的恩惠
Vivian 薇薇安 活潑的
Name 英文名 Translation 翻譯 meaning 典故
Adam 亞當 用紅土做的男人
Andrew 安德魯 有男子氣慨的
Brian 布萊恩 強健的
Daniel 丹尼爾 上帝是審判者
David 大衛 可愛的
Jack 傑克 上帝的恩賜
James 詹姆士 追隨者
Joseph 約瑟夫 願上帝增強
Kevin 凱文 高貴的血統
Michael 麥可 像上帝一樣的人
Peter 彼得 岩石、堅強的人
Robert 羅伯特 名望
Richard 理查 嚴厲的國王
Steven 史蒂文 王冠、花冠


中譯 American English 美語 British English 英語
中心/中央 center centre
顏色 color colour
勞工 labor labour
組織 organize organise
了解 realize realise
電影院 theater theatre
水龍頭 faucet tap
電影院 cinema movie theater
人行道 sidewalk pavement
汽油 gasoline petrol
橡皮擦 eraser rubber
商店 store shop
糖果 candy sweets
地下鐵 subway tube / underground
秋天 fall autumn
餅干 cookie biscuit
行李 luggage baggage
汽車 automobile car
薯條 French fries chips
公寓 apartment flat
足球 soccer football
一樓 first floor ground floor
電梯 elevator lift
卡車 truck lorry
寄信 post mail
長褲 pants trousers
藥房 pharmacy / chemist drugstore

繞口令 Tongue Twister

Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled pepper.
Did Peter Piper pick a peck of pickled pepper?
If Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled pepper, where is the peck of pickled pepper Peter Piper picked?


在我們的日常生活中,一些日用品的英文說法就是借用其出產公司名稱,這些都是很 in 的說英文說法,要學起來喔!

Band-Aid OK 繃
Frisbee 飛盤
Jell-O 果凍
Kodak 小型照相機
Xerox 影印機
Coca-Cola 可樂
Q-Tips 棉花棒
Scotch Tape 隱形膠帶
Levi’s 牛仔褲
Walkman 隨身聽
Ping-Pong 乒乓球
Jeep 吉普車
Kleenex 衛生紙
Vaseline 凡士林
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